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by Far

SOLIDS is a generative architecture project created by FAR. There will be 8,888 unique buildings generated algorithmically and compatible with Metaverses.

As the Metaverse is becoming more ubiquitous, we are seeing many different examples of virtual worlds emerging. Immersive virtual worlds are not something novel; however, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are bringing another level of excitement. The combination of technologies adds a more tangible layer to our virtual experience, which extends the material world.

In this context of expansion into the Metasphere, Architecture is needed to shape the habitat of the Virtual Realm. This is where SOLIDS was born, as an essential response to the needs for buildings in the established and upcoming Digital Environments.

When the user mints a SOLID, they get a 3D file that can be imported into other 3D environments. Down the road, we will work on making them compatible with more Metaverses and environments as we evolve.


by Adam Ferriss

slimes image

Slimes is a limited edition series of webGL artworks by Adam Ferriss programmed in three.js and GLSL. Slimes are textural explorations, taking advantage of feedback loops and artifacts from the web graphics pipeline to fuel its growth.

Every Slime is a unique and generative NFT, that contains its own set of traits and attributes. All features for a slime are generated when the piece is minted, by assigning each piece a series of random values, determined by the hash of the token. The features for slimes have mixed rarities, with some traits expressing themselves more readily than others.

These works are best viewed full screen using a desktop computer. It’s recommended to use a modern machine with a dedicated graphics card.

Chunky Mouse

by William Virgil


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