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Creator FAQ

Everything you need to get started listing your SHADE works on the FINE shop.

Who can list work to sell on FINE?

When the FINE shop launches in Q4 2023, members of the SHADE (formerly WarGames) community can list work they created using the SHADE generator as a product in the FINE shop catalog. Each piece listed by a SHADE token holder will be available for purchase as fine art prints.

The FINE curatorial panel will be regularly selecting pieces from the community created catalog to showcase in special collections on the FINE shop.

Over the coming months, we will be working with other artists and communities to make bespoke collections available in the FINE shop as well.

How many pieces can I list on FINE?

There is no limit to the number of pieces you can list from your gallery on the FINE Shop. You will have the opportunity to create a limited series of each piece listed of a single 1 of 1, or a set of 5, 10, or 20.

How do I edit or remove a work from the FINE shop?

If you would like to edit the settings of a piece you have listed on the Shop, or remove it from the catalog entirely, simply go into the Availability Settings for the piece in your Gallery tab, and select the “private” option from the Availability drop down menu.

How do I get paid?

Customers will be able to purchase works using cryptocurrency and fiat. If a customer purchases a piece you have listed in the catalog using cryptocurrency, we will transfer your portion of the profit to the wallet you have associated with your SHADE (formerly WarGames) token. When we launch the shop you will have the ability to update this wallet in an Account tab on the FINE token gated site.

If a customer purchases a piece you have listed using fiat, we will contact you and request that you set up a PayPal account that we can transfer your portion of the profit to. If for some reason you are unable to setup a PayPal account, we will work with you to find another channel.

What are the fees?

When you sell a piece from the SHADE collection on FINE, we will promote your content on our platform and you will receive 50% of the profit, taking into account cost of production and payment processing fees. There is no fee to list your piece as for sale. A complete list of payment processing fees by payment method will be made available when the FINE shop launches.